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The background is that Ireland wants to do absolutely NOTHING to encourage immigration. They are actively working to NOT encourage folks to come over, but once here, there's generally a much more lenient attitude. It took several calls over more than a year before I finally elicited the information below - an indication, in itself that attitudes are loosening up.

But, the overall rule is that the prospective resident shouldn't become a burden to the Irish state. In other words, you can stay if you can pay. The Immigration Officers have a reasonable amount of discretion to deal with each case individually. And since everyone's reason for moving to Ireland is unique, this is probably wise.

Remember that none of these rules apply to EU/EEA citizens (except Bulgarians and Romanians) who are able live and work in Ireland without any significant hassles or paperwork.

Categories for non-EU resident permits

After more than a decade of immense immigration, the Justice Department finally put up a web site containing the information all those millions of would-be-Irish residents need.

This key site is the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service.

The site's Residency page contains the complete (and very short!) list of categories which qualify for residency status. These are:

Long Term Residency
Family Re-Unification
Spouse of an Irish National
Dependants of an EEA National
Change of status
De Facto Relationships
Self Sufficiency

For a full description and to see if you qualify under any of these categories, be sure to visit the site. (Note: If the link does not work, the Residency page is buried within the Immigration section.)

The category that gets a lot of people excited is "De Facto Relationships". Yes, you can qualify for long term residency with an Irish partner even if you're not married. Except, you have to provide proof that you've lived together as a functioning couple for at least four years. That means shared utility bills, joint bank accounts and all the other clutter of a married couple. It's such a hassle, you might as well be married!

The Full Site

Required Proofs for staying longer than 90 days, Owning property in Ireland, Stickers and Stamps, Green Cards, Playing Games with the Immigration Department - Not Registering, Playing Games by Checking in and out of the Country, Jail, Visa extensions and other subjects are covered in the Full Site.


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